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Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards Ceremony

Last month, I flew to Miami to attend the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards ceremony. About 300 people attended as well as a lot of press. It was a swanky formal affair and all the award-winning authors were excited to be present. About 180 authors were invited to come on stage, one at a time, to be acknowledged for their accomplishments and to get their picture taken. I was honored to be there and delighted to wear my fancy suit that I hardly ever get to wear. It’s too bad they didn’t have a live video feed for friends and family to watch. I’m glad I was able to participate in such an exciting event.
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Four in the Garden Receives Readers’ Favorite Award

Readers’ Favorite Book Award

Readers' Favorite Award

I’m pleased to announce that Four in the Garden won an honorable mention from the Readers’ Favorite 2015 Book Award Contest. This means I’ll get tremendous exposure for my book and I’m invited to attend a formal awards ceremony in Miami in November.

Increased Exposure for Four in the Garden

My book is now listed on, a premier site whose domain keywords receive 200,000 searches each month from literary enthusiasts looking for award-winning books.

The contest results will be advertised in two different Publishers Weekly e-newsletters reaching a combined total of 100,000 of literary industry professionals.

Readers’ Favorite announces the contest results in an email to 115,000 libraries, 85,000 bookstores, and 300,000 schools nationwide.

Readers’ Favorite announces the results of their competition through a premium press release which is placed into RSS feeds with more than 250,000 subscribers including bloggers and journalists.

It’s challenging for any author to market a book when there is so much competition. This kind of increased exposure will help a lot.

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