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Where God Dwells November 2021

Bridging the Divide September 2020

How to Engage your Emotional Pain April 2020

The Silent Tomb: An Easter reflection on the coronavirus April 2020

Creating an Opening for God October 2019

Attitudes: Prisons or Wings July 2019

Be The Light That You Are April 2019

God is Beyond Comprehension March 2019

When God Disappoints Us January 2019

A Deeper Relationship November 2018

Finding Peace Within Chaos October 2018

When Effort is Not Enough September 2018

The Simplicity of Death July 2018

The Indwelling Spirit of Christ June 2018

The God Particle November 2017 (See blog post version on CAC website)

The Purpose of Pain October 2017

Creating Space for God: Making God More Real September 2017

Overcoming Fear August 2017

When God Feels Far Away: Two Reasons Why July 2017

Accepting All Outcomes May 2017

The Insidious Self April 2017

Willfulness March 2017

Cultivating an Inner Life February 2017

Good Enough For God January 2017

Trust Versus Fear December 2016

Engaging God November 2016

A Beautiful Ache: God's love for us October 2016

Hiding From Love August 2016

Loving Ray: What to do when someone doesn't change July 2016

The World behind the World June 2016

The Joy of Impermanence May 2016

Resurrection is Reconnection April 2016

The Mind Resists Spirit March 2016

When Faith Doesn't Work: Targets Versus Outcomes February 2016

A Working Definition of Faith January 2016

Faith Drives Experience Dec 2015

The Perfected Soul Nov 2015

The Spiritual Practice of Trusting in God Oct 2015