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How to Use the Media Kit for Four in the Garden


If you want to learn more about Four in the Garden and you don’t want to work hard to find the information you need, you’re in the right place.

I’ve created a Media Kit, filled with a variety of materials that will help you learn almost everything you need to know about my inspirational fiction book.

Four in the Garden is my first book, published this year and written for people who are spiritual but not religious. I wanted to illustrate one’s growth toward deep communion with God through a creative retelling of the Garden of Eden story. The book is well-suited for book clubs and I have written questions for reflection and group discussion which are available on the book’s web site at

Here are several ways you can use the Media Kit.

Journalists, Bloggers and Reviewers:

You’ll find a press release that includes author quotes, and information about me and the book. The release also includes instructions on how to request a review copy or contact me for an interview.

To make your job easy and save you time, I’ve also included my author bio in four lengths: a two-line bio, 50-word bio, 100-word bio and a full version at 500 words.

If you’re writing about me, you can pick and choose from the “5 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Me” and weave them into your article, or use the entire list as a sidebar.

In a hurry? The Book Synopsis gives you a very quick overview of the book and the most important things you need, including purchasing information–all on one sheet and in four lengths.

Meeting and Event Planners:

If you hire me to speak to your group, you don’t have to bother writing my introduction. I’ve written it for you. Just read it exactly as I’ve written it, and it will get the event off to a great start.

Broadcasters and Podcasters:

If you’re interviewing me for a TV or radio show, take advantage of my 12 sample interview questions. You probably won’t have time to read the book, and using these questions will help you hone in on things your audience will be most curious about, like the book’s title and origins. Of course, feel free to add your own questions.

Book Buyers, Bloggers and Book Clubs:

Enjoy some sample chapters. They’re short. I’ve chosen the first two and one that best reflects what the book is about, and I’ve included a link to Amazon reviews.

Need to Contact Me?

You can find me quickly and easily by referring to my Contact Information Sheet. I’ve included my phone, email, shipping address, Skype and all the URLs if you want to connect with me on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. I’ve also included links to my profiles on Amazon Author Central and GoodReads.

What Others Are Saying About Four in the Garden

You can see what other reviewers and readers are saying about the book in a sampling of book review excerpts.

Where to Find Photos, Logos and More

You’ll find high-resolution headshots of me, a photo of my book cover as well as a few more casual shots of me.

Where to Find Media Kit Templates

If you’re an author and you’d like to build a media kit like mine, save time by using the same templates I used at the Book Design Templates website.

If you need something else and you don’t see it in the Media Kit, email me at or call 925-691-5520.