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Resurrection is Reconnection

Jesus’ Resurrection

What Christians celebrate at Easter is the resurrection of Jesus. His resurrection demonstrates God’s power over death. But God already demonstrated that power when Jesus raised people from the dead, such as Lazarus. If God’s power over death had been established, then why did Jesus need to rise from the dead?

Defining Death

First, let’s start with a new definition: Death is separation. When a person dies, they are separated from their body. Also, they are separated from their loved ones, which is a type of death or loss experienced by both parties, the deceased and those left behind. The soul continues for the deceased, but without a body.

Why Resurrect?

When Jesus died, He could have gone straight to heaven. In that case, He would have continued His existence as a spirit, just as God the Father is a spirit. Why resurrect at all? Why come back for your body? Why not shed this frail, mortal body and be done with it? Why not remain a spirit and be free from the confines and limitations of a physical body? For the rest of this article, visit and download the article listed at the top of the page.

Mind Resists Spirit

How much time do you spend in your head? Almost all of the time, I imagine. Most of us identify with our minds and thoughts. Why shouldn’t we? Our minds are running constantly, unaided, like our beating hearts. Our minds are active even when we sleep and create the symbols of our dreams.

Our minds also get in way of God. They trip us up because they can’t grasp the infinite.

Has it ever occurred to you that your mind isn’t the only place to inhabit? Many of us spend our entire existence in our heads, detached from the rest of our bodies. People who inhabit their bodies are more in touch with their physical selves and are more open to intuition. Intuition comes to us via our bodies, not our minds. If we recognize that our minds are only one component of who we are, we will be more open to other ways to receive information.

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